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Daily Muse: time for Paul Woolford, top movies, and Ibiza

Friday again, where does the time go???  And on the theme of time there are a few loosely linked things I wanted to share with you today…



Paul Woolford has been doing what he does best (well, after making Continue reading

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3AM and Rising: Leeds label hits 50 giving lots of Lip Service

In a world of instant gratifications, latest bright new things, and endless options, music brands tend to rise and fall just as soon as they appear. Thankfully class always tends to stick better than a fly to the proverbial s**t, and Continue reading

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Dance Music In The Digital Age Part 1 – Where the money goes?

Mo Money

Following the insightful interview with Matt Lange and Kerry Leva, we got a lot of responses on forums and via email relating to the value of music, or lack thereof, and the perception of how many private jets the average producer can afford. Alongside this, at this year’s International Music Summit we met the Continue reading

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Paul Woolford on Resident Advisor

Excellent interview on Resident Advisor with innovating Yorkshireman Paul Woolford. A producer and DJ who has pushed the boundary’s while continually releasing killer cuts. Hear about his early forays into mixing, back to basics, how ‘Erotic Discourse’ happened, and his current tour with Carl Craig… Continue reading

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Heaven (Ibiza)

hitchhikers guide to ibiza and we love space closing parties Continue reading

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Dark Room Robot – Electronic Stimulation mix

blue light head

Alright peps, heres a little mix from the robot cave, of loops tracks, efx and samples… mangled through the magic of Ableton Live

I’ve got delivery of my launchpad now! watch this space!… Continue reading

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