Music Publishing and Monetising Songwriting workshop 15th March

Kahua publishingmain img 300x119 Music Publishing and Monetising Songwriting workshop 15th March

There’s a great workshop taking place in Newcastle this Thursday 15th March for all you independent music producers by one of UKs leading music support bodies GeneratorMusic Publishing and Monetising Songwriting workshop is designed to demystify music publishing and how publishing companies are structured. It will also identify revenue streams available to publishers and songwriters. It’s free and you can book a place by completing this form.

Attendees at this session will get the opportunity to learn from the experiences of guest speakers Tom Campion from Universal Music Publishing (Chase & Status / Noah & The Whale / Crystal Castles) and Ian Straker, who runs north-east publishing company Kahua Music.

The three main topics to be covered over the day are:

  • The music publishing business and infrastructure
  • Generating income from your repertoire
  • How to use administration services and self publishing platforms

Kahua Music represent a range of clients for either music publishing or promotion including DJ Pierre, Phil Weeks, Dominic Martin, Mark Ashken,  Lee Pennington of the Zoo Project, BakerStreet Records, not to mention being founders of the acclaimed deep house label Lost My Dog.

To find out a little more we caught up with Ian Straker from Kahua Music:

“The session should provide a good insight into music publishing for any songwriters and composers or anybody interesting in setting up a publishing company or just gaining a more detailed understanding the whole area of music publishing.  I actually got involved in music publishing myself through a very similar seminar run by Generator back in 2007 – at the time I knew almost nothing about what publishing was, let alone how it worked. After the session I thought there were some opportunities for me to help out a lot of the artists I worked with in other areas, so I did some further research and set up Kahua Music Publishing in early 2008.”

We find producers often think that dance music is a niche market, but with the main stream influence of the likes of, dare we say it, David Guetta  and Dubstep the opportunities are certainly widening. Ian had this to say:



“There’s a lot of value in music publishing, which is often overlooked by a lot of songwriters, music producers and composers, and often because it can appear to be quite complicated.  Essentially though, if you’re writing or creating music then you’re creating a copyright which has value.  If the music you create is being performed or used commercially then it will generate royalties.  It’s not as difficult as it may first appear to get the royalties owed to you and the session in Middlesbrough will explore how you can go about doing this through self-publishing.  We’ll also look at the various income streams available from publishing and explore role of music publishers and the extra value they can add, as well as what they’ll expect in return”.

Thanks for taking the time Ian. For music producers based in the north of England then you’re well advised to find time to attend Generators workshop.

Generator: Music Publishing and Monetising Songwriting is free to attend but spaces are very limited so please register interest as soon as possible by completing this form.




  1. #1 by Brett on March 12, 2012 - 10:54 pm

    This looks like a great opportunity! I live in the states though :( is there anyone going who’d be able to share a few things they learned?

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