A history of modern music…

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A History of Modern music

The liberal lefty in me always enjoys an inquisitive read through UK newspaper The Guardian’s online site for intellectual musing and cool articles. Yesterday I stumbled upon an absolute gem of a feature they are running – A History of Modern Music. This got the geek in me ecstatic, dribbling from the mouth, insatiably caressing my thirst for all things music at the prospect of  all musical facts and inspirations to be found, I can tell you. It’s absolute brilliance can not be described by my excited shouting.

In the feature – A History of Modern music, the Guardian uses a slick scrolling animation timeline to highlight key events in the development of the main genres of modern music from 1900 onwards, depending on genre , to the present day. In several click of the mouse you can scroll and learn about the key players, events, records that have influenced the sounds we love today. They’re are also growing number of short snappy essays on events and scenes over the year too. This is what I love about the internet, information you would have spent ages finding or needed an aging relative to sit down and recount, can now be found with a few clicks. Then you can absorb, listen, be inspired. Brilliant.

A history of modern music – the ultimate guide



Something many of us miss in the modern world of instant fixes and seemingly infinite music is exploring the music that has defined our culture over the years. All too often I chat with people who’s knowledge of the 60′s music is the Beatles, Stones, and Hendrix. I was lucky one my friends owned the local record shop in our small town, and though I didn’t consider it at the time his influence has been immense, he introduced and played me a vast array of music I otherwise wouldn’t have heard.  Michelangelo and co learnt from the current masters at the time and studied the past before they went on to produce their own masterpieces. While it is often forgotten, the same is true now. You must know your roots, what has shaped your past if you are to build on those foundations and create the future.

Warning you may lose many hours engrossed in the above website, we at Lostinmusik accept no liability for such actions but all inspiration are subject to a 15% commission fee ;p Enjoy!


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